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The following is an updated compilation of links containing media depicting known or putative ivory-billed woodpeckers and their sounds. No attempt has been made to list every link containing such materials. Where there is duplication we have tried to present the best quality version of an item we could find. Some individual links have multiple media types and are repeated accordingly. The inclusion of a link here should not be taken as an endorsement of any conclusions contained therein. We have merely tried to be thorough and inclusive.

A word of caution: Some links require major computer resources and/or very fast connections. They may crash your computer or your browser.

We have added a second post consisting of a list of books containing information on ivory-bills, this is of course not exhaustive but we have tried to include works that we consider vital. These are also listed in the publications thread.

We will try to keep these posts as current as possible and fully expect that new materials will be added. We are keeping this thread closed so as to keep it as clean and tightly organized as possible for the benefit of our members. If you have suggested links or would like to report dead links, PM Dave (fangsheath) or Don (donaldgkimball). We hope you find this resource of value. Enjoy!

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North American ivory-bill (Campephilus principalis)

Note: Dr. Fitzpatrick's historic AOU presentation, containing important film and video clips, still imagery, and sounds, can be viewed at this link:


film and video

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sciencenow/3302/03.html (a few brief but decent quality clips from the old Singer Tract film, no sound)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqZXPUDTmOc (shows old Singer Tract film footage, no sound; includes footage apparently never shown before; Luneau video shown at many speeds and resolutions, including earlier approach footage)
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/ivory/v...alTime_DEI.htm (Luneau video at full speed)
http://fishcrow.com/perching.avi (video of perched bird in the Pearl taken by Mike Collins, Feb 2006)
http://fishcrow.com/hitching.avi (video of bird hitching up tree in the Pearl, taken by Mike Collins, Feb 2006)
http://www.fishcrow.com/pearl_perched.avi (same as above, shows head motion followed by hitching, zoom removed)
http://fishcrow.com/flight-1.avi (video of brief flight from branch to branch, taken by Mike Collins in the Pearl, Feb 2006)
http://fishcrow.com/flight-2.avi (video of bird taking off and flying to left, taken by Mike Collins in the Pearl, Feb 2006)
http://www.fishcrow.com/pearl_flight.avi (same as above, half speed)

still imagery

http://library24.library.cornell.edu:8280/luna/servlet (many Singer Tract images including a color image of a male feeding young at nest - Note: These images are not organized into a single collection but must be located using the search engine. See: http://www.ibwo.net/forum/showpost.p...postcount=1247)
https://sora.unm.edu/node/17347 (photo of male in Florida immediately after p. 170; photos of Singer Tract pair immediately after p. 176, p. 178, and p. 180)
http://whyfiles.org/224presumed_exti...n1935_crop.jpg (good quality shot of Singer Tract male)
http://www.fws.gov/southeast/news/20..._colorized.jpg (colorized version of above)
http://www.fws.gov/ivorybill/photoalbum/ (several Singer Tract photos)
http://www.louisianadigitallibrary.o...SOROOT=/Tensas (many Singer Tract photos)
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/ivory/m...Louisiana/view (Singer Tract photos)
http://vireo.acnatsci.org/search.htm...All&RESULTS=25 (3 images (one a cropped portion of another) with copyright "N. Wright/VIREO"; possibly taken in the Big Thicket in the 1960's; higher-resolution versions available for purchase)
http://www.birdviewing.com/images/lowery.pdf (1 Fielding Lewis photo from La.)
http://www.ibwo.net/forum/attachment...6&d=1232769611 (1 Fielding Lewis photo from La.)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqZXPUDTmOc (2 Fielding Lewis photos shown at about 0:24)


http://macaulaylibrary.org/audio.do?id=6784 (Singer Tract recordings)
http://macaulaylibrary.org/audio.do?id=104395 (putative ivory-bill sounds recorded by John Dennis in eastern Texas, 1968)
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/ivory/e.../wingbeats.wav (putative wingbeat sounds from takeoff in the Singer Tract)
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/ivory/m...listening/903a (segment of old Singer Tract kent calls, played at a distance from an ARU and re-recorded)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqZXPUDTmOc (plays 4 sets of putative kents recorded by an ARU in Arkansas, recorded Jan 2005)
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/ivory/m.../document_view (2 sets of putative kents recorded by an ARU in Arkansas, Jan 2005)
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/ivory/m.../document_view (3 sets of putative double-knocks recorded by ARU's in Arkansas, Dec 2004-Feb 2005)
http://web2.uwindsor.ca/courses/biol...IBWOsounds.php (numerous recordings of putative kents and double-knocks from the Choctawhatchee)
http://web2.uwindsor.ca/courses/biol...b01RMVideo.wav (putative kents recorded in Feb 2007 by Richard Martin in the Choctawhatchee)
http://web2.uwindsor.ca/courses/biol...02083717DK.wav (putative double-knock recorded by a listening station in the Choctawhatchee on 22 Feb 2007)
http://web2.uwindsor.ca/courses/biol...14123355DK.wav (putative double-knock recorded by a listening station in the Choctawhatchee, Feb 2007)
http://web2.uwindsor.ca/courses/biol...14135825DK.wav (putative double-knock recorded by a listening station in the Choctawhatchee, Feb 2007)
http://web2.uwindsor.ca/courses/biol...%20142252h.wav (putative double-knock recorded in the Choctawhatchee, 6 Mar 2007)
http://web2.uwindsor.ca/courses/biol...%20152251h.wav (putative double-knock recorded in the Choctawhatchee, 11 Mar 2007)
http://web2.uwindsor.ca/courses/biol...%20154613h.wav (putative double-knock recorded in the Choctawhatchee, 30 Apr 2007)
http://fishcrow.com/a220.wav (putative alarm calls recorded by Mike Collins in the Pearl, Feb 2006)
http://www.bills-earth.com/knocks/knocks.html (putative double-knocks recorded in Texas, 2006)

Cuban ivory-bill (Campephilus bairdii)

still imagery

https://sora.unm.edu/node/19571 (John Dennis photo of male immediately after p. 497)
http://www.birdviewing.com/images/cuba.jpg (John Dennis photo of female)
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/ivory/p.../document_view (1 George Lamb photo, 1 photo of a bird at a cavity, and 2 photos of a bird tied to a stick)

Imperial woodpecker (Campephilus imperialis)

still imagery

http://www.savingoursharedbirds.org/...lish_Final.pdf (photo on p. 11)

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Audubon, John James LaForest. 1835-38. The Ivory-billed Woodpecker. In: Birds of America 4. ISBN 0-8109-2061-1 (H. N. Abrams 1979 edition - the book itself is in the public domain; ivory-bill entry available here: http://www.audubon.org/bird/BoA/F26_G1b.html)

Bailey, H.H. 1925. The Birds of Florida. Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, MD.

Bendire, Charles Emil. 1895. Life Histories of North American Birds, Volume 2, From the Parrots to the Grackles: With Special Reference to their Breeding Habits and Eggs. United States National Museum Bulletin 3:42-45.

Bent, Arthur Cleveland. 1939. Life Histories of North American Woodpeckers. United States National Museum Bulletin 174: 1 - 12. (Ivory-bill entry, prepared by Arthur A. Allen, available here: http://birdsbybent.netfirms.com/dh01-110/ivorybill.html)

Cokinos, Christopher. 2001. Hope Is the Thing with Feathers: A Personal Chronicle of Vanished Birds. Warner Books, Inc. (Excerpts available here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0446...3D#reader-link)

Dennis, John V. 1988. The Great Cypress Swamps. LSU Press, Baton Rouge. ISBN 978-0807115015

Gallagher, Tim W. 2005. The Grail Bird: Hot on the Trail of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. Houghton Mifflin, Boston. ISBN 0-618-45693-7

Hill, Geoffrey E. 2007. Ivorybill Hunters: The Search for Proof in a Flooded Wilderness. Oxford University Press, Oxford, N.Y. ISBN 978-0-19-532346-7

Hoose, Phillip M. 2004. The Race to Save the Lord God Bird. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, New York. ISBN 0-374-36173-8

Jackson, Jerome A. 2004. In Search of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. Smithsonian Institution Press. ISBN 1-58834-132-1

Lewis, Fielding. 1988. Tales of a Louisiana Duck Hunter. Little Atakepis, Franklin, La.

Luneau, Terri Roberts, and Trevor Bennett. 2005. Big Woods Bird: An Ivory-bill Story. Kury Lane, Inc. ISBN 978-0976883906

Pearson, T. Gilbert. 1936. Birds of America. Garden City Books, Garden City, N.Y.

Snyder, Noel. 2007. An Alternative Hypothesis for the Cause of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker's Decline. Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, Camarillo, Ca.

Steinberg, Michael. 2008. Stalking the Ghost Bird. LSU Press, Baton Rouge. ISBN 978-0-8071-3305-7 (not yet available)

Tanner, James T. 1942. The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. National Audubon Society, N.Y. (Excerpts available here: http://books.google.com/books?id=0A7..._MiPdU#PPP1,M1)

Weidensaul, Scott. 2002. The Ghost with Trembling Wings: Science, Wishful Thinking and the Search for Lost Species. North Point Press, N.Y. ISBN 0-374-24664-5 (Excerpts available here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0865...3D#reader-link)

Wilson, Alexander, Charles Lucian Bonaparte, Robert Jameson, George Ord, and William Maxwell Hetherington. 1831. American Ornithology: Or The Natural History of the Birds of the United States. (Ivory-bill entry available here: http://books.google.com/books?id=Upk...er&output=html)

Winkler, H.; Christie, D. A. & Nurney, D. 1995. Woodpeckers: A Guide to the Woodpeckers of the World. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. ISBN 0-395-72043-5

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